Free Slots Video Poker is Your Best Chance to Win

Video Poker is a virtual version of a popular casino game played on a computer, tablet, or a smartphone. Besides, players can use the computerized console similar to a slot machine. Enjoy the gaming process and hit the big time. The aim of this review is to help gamblers understand the basics of the Video Poker and choose the best slots.

In order to play free slots Video Poker, you should download an apk application providing huge jackpot and lots of other gambling opportunities.

Types of Video Poker Games

It is quite hard to classify free Video Poker games due to their huge variety. Taking into account their origin and background, let’s have a look at two basic types of such slots:

  • Five Card Draw type is played with 5 cards. At the “draw stage” the gambler should complete a winning hand replacing cards. It is the simplest version often used by beginners.
  • Jacks or better type is known for its complicated betting system. The game starts as soon as the gambler makes a bet. There are several kinds of bets which can help you to win or make lose anything. The player wins if at the end the 5 card hand contains at least a couple of jacks or better.
  • Besides, video poker machines differ in the payout amount. Some slots pay more than the others and they are called “full play” slots.

    Best Free Slots Video Poker Games

    There is a great variety of free video poker slots providing lot of fun and excitement. Any gambler can find the slot in accordance with their tastes and preferences.

    • Free slots video poker Jacks or Better is a basic variation which closely resembles the original game. In order to receive a payout you should make bets and only hold a hand.
    • Loose Deuces features high payout lines along with several pay tables. This game is good for experienced players as it can be hard to keep in mind all the details and select the correct strategy.
    • Double Double is a free slots Video Poker game offering high bonus payoffs for the hands which feature 4 of a kind. This type of slot has no Wilds. Change the discarded cards and get doubled payout.
    • Triple Double awards large payouts for various card combinations. All the winnings are tripled in case 4 aces match with a 2, 3, or 4.
    • Full Pay Deuces requires accuracy and a good strategy. A player may use any of 4 Deuces in order to replace any card and the lowest rank for a winning combination is 3 of a K.
    • Not So Ugly is played using 52-card deck. The 4 deuces are wild and can replace any card to make a winning combination.

    Try all these games in order to practice and sharpen your skills, knowledge and abilities. Remember, Poker is a game of strategy which develops logical way of thinking.

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