Wheel of fortune slot machine: make the most of the game

It has many interesting features, including a huge number of lines (720), a fancy arrangement of reels and several bonus games that promise huge payouts.

On the control panel, the player must determine the amount of the max bet that will affect the outcome. There are two special characters in the game.

The first bonus game is activated when three Scatters appear and is called Mini Wheel. All Scatter Symbols transform into a small wheel of fortune, spinning which you can get a prize.

The second bonus game was called Triple Extreme Spin. Here you have to choose between three diamonds, which will determine the cash prize. Wild, also provided in online slots video, it helps to form combinations.

How to play Wheel of fortune

Learning to play this slot is very easy. You are betting on a symbol that, according to your assumption, should fall out when the wheel rotates. To be able to bet, put your chips on the table in front of the wheel in the appropriate field.

After all players have made their bets, the leader rotates the wheel, and the sector that the arrow points to when the wheel stops is the winner. Then the leader collects all the losing bets and pays the winnings to those who won.

However, this is a process in a real casino, while in a virtual casino you play alone against the computer, and either get a win or your money goes to the gambling club you play Wheel of fortune slot machine online. The amount of payment for the win varies depending on the winning sector.

Advantages and features of this slot

The rules of this game are simple. A player fights randomly for the right to win bonus points or very expensive prizes. Due to the simplicity of the rules, the game has gained extraordinary popularity among users.

Let` pay attention to the following points:

  • The game has five reels and fixed bets in the amount of 50 coins. Spin the reels and win. The face value of the coins is determined by setting the appropriate number of credits.
  • There are special symbols in the machine – Scatter and Wild, to get more wins and replace unnecessary pictures with suitable ones in a specific situation.
  • There are serious features, for example, Multi Way Xtra – this function can be used to set the exact number of bets, after which you can withdraw funds from a virtual account.
  • Also, in the arsenal there are bonus levels, spin the wheel, try to get to the winning sectors and then the amount will be doubled.

In the game you need to use all its advantages to increase your Wheel of fortune slot machine odds to win jackpot.

Secrets, Strategies and Tips

You can try to find secrets, tips, and try choose your own Wheel of fortune slot machine strategy that will help you make money in this slot machine. But this slot is based on the work of a random number generator, so the player must rely on Fortuna. No special strategy is required to play Wheel of Fortune. This is just a game of luck.

However, as with all online casino games, some bets may be better than others. It is best to put your money in the sector – $1, where the casino advantage is lower – 11.1%. The worst symbols you can bet on are $20 and the Jokers. The casino advantage at these rates is 24%, the higher the possible payment, the greater the casino advantage.

Due to the great advantage of the casino, limit your investment in this game. Predicting where the wheel is going to stop is very difficult. In the online casino you can just have fun without making bets, playing in the Wheel of fortune slot machine in the demo version.

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